9 Essential Products to Have for Traveling With Diabetes

Whether you long for sunny beaches, downtown shopping sprees, or something similar, it could be time to take a vacation. Taking a vacation can help you mentally recharge as you physically unwind. While vacations are about enjoying yourself, preparing for your upcoming trip is crucial.

Being an adult living with diabetes never means not being able to enjoy a great vacation. Have an easy time managing your diabetes with our help. In this post, you’ll learn the must-have products for traveling as a person with diabetes.

1. Insulin

One of the first things to pack for any trip is insulin. When someone with diabetes delivers insulin into their bodies, it regulates their blood glucose levels. Because insulin is such an important hormone for people with diabetes, it’s wise to have at least double the amount of insulin you’ll use on your trip.

Another item that can be incredibly helpful in your travel kit is an insulin cooler. As you know, storing insulin properly means keeping it within the temperature range of 36 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit. An insulin cooler can also be vital if your destination is a warm environment.

2. Your Insulin Delivery Items (and Spares)

While having insulin is critical for someone with diabetes, they also need a way to deliver this hormone into their bodies. Typically, most people choose a syringe, insulin pen, or insulin pump to regulate their blood glucose levels.

Whatever delivery method you choose, it’s advisable to have extra supplies. You can do this by doubling your supply of syringes or bringing additional batteries for an insulin pen. Having replacement items can also help if you accidentally lose a syringe, pump, or something similar.

3. Testing and Monitoring Devices

It’s also crucial for someone with diabetes to keep a close eye on their blood glucose levels.   An item such as an AlphaTRAK blood glucose meter can keep your blood glucose levels in check. You may also prefer a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system.

You’ll want to have plenty of extra test strips in your travel bag. Again, it’s wise to pack double the number of test strips you’d normally use to be safe.

4. A Pill Organizer

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While traveling, it’s easy to lose track of time. Ensure you keep up with any daily diabetes medication by packing a pill organizer. You use these handy items by placing medications in their compartments for each day of the week.

Be on the safe side by also packing your prescription containers. Having these containers provides proof you’re supposed to be taking the medications on your person.

5. Snacks or Beverages

Many people pack snacks and drinks to avoid getting hungry while traveling. Besides avoiding feelings of hunger, those with diabetes should bring healthy snacks to keep their blood sugar levels in check.

Fortunately, many portable types of nuts, yogurt, and whole-grain foods are great ways to keep your blood sugar stabilized.

6. An Emergency Glucagon Kit

Some adults with diabetes are familiar with glucagon. This hormone is part of a kit that can resolve bouts of low blood sugar. A glucagon emergency kit is for emergencies only. While you might not encounter an emergency on vacation, it’s always good to be prepared.

7. Your Medical Cards and Forms of ID

While it’s an unpleasant thought, you could find yourself incapacitated due to your diabetes. During these situations, medical professionals can access ID cards informing them of your health conditions. Learning you have diabetes lets these medical professionals know how to proceed while caring for you. If you have health insurance, it’s advisable to also pack your insurance card.

8. A Letter From Your Healthcare Provider

If your vacation requires flying and going through airports, you could be someone undergoing a baggage check. Make this process faster and easier for you and TSA agents by packing a doctor’s letter. This letter verifies your travel supplies and medications.

9. Your Emergency Contact’s Information

Chances are, you have an emergency contact. This is a person you want to know when an emergency happens to you. Having their phone number or other contact information lets this person know what happened in an emergency.

Bonus Travel Tips for Someone With Diabetes to Remember

While you know the essential products to pack, it’s also good to brush up on general travel tips for those with diabetes. Follow these tips to spend your vacation having fun instead of worrying.

  • Ensure Everything Stays Together: This tip might sound like common sense information to some. However, it’s easy to become disorganized when prepping for an upcoming vacation. Keeping your supplies and medications near each other helps ensure you’re not fumbling with bags and suitcases.
  • Keep Your Diabetes-Related Items Handy: Sometimes, delays and lost items are parts of a vacation. Just in case you deal with lost luggage or travel-related delays, it’s vital to have your diabetes supplies handy.
  • Stay Hydrated: Traveling can involve a surprising amount of physical activity. The same kind of activity that gradually takes away water throughout your body. Staying hydrated is also important for those with diabetes, as it helps with regulating blood glucose levels.
  • Adjust Settings for New Time Zones: Adults with diabetes get used to living on a set schedule. Their schedules can include medication, testing, and treatment times. Unfortunately, traveling to a different time zone can quickly throw off your personal schedule and meter settings. Update your settings and timers as soon as you arrive in your new time zone.
  • Keep Your Equipment Sterilized: A downside to any kind of travel is the potential to catch new germs and illnesses. Minimize getting sick on vacation by keeping yourself and all diabetes equipment sterilized throughout your vacation.

You can have an incredible time traveling. If you have diabetes, spending time preparing your travel essentials helps ensure you avoid any potential emergencies. Pack the previously mentioned items, and enjoy your upcoming vacation while having peace of mind.

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